• EICR Medway – compressive Electrical Installation Condition Report in Medway Kent and surrounding area


    Electrical Installation Condition Report or an EICR Medway is a comprehensive review of your electrical system, the wiring and accessories such as switches and sockets.

    Every electrical installation deteriorates with use and age.

    It is important for the person responsible for the maintenance of the installation to be sure that the safety of users is not put at risk, and that the installation continues to be in a safe and serviceable condition.

    It is recommended that periodic inspection and testing is carried out at least every:

    • 10 years for a domestic installation
    • 5 years for a commercial installation
    • 3 years for caravans
    • 1 year for swimming pools

    Other instances when a periodic inspection should be carried out are:

    • when a property is being prepared to be let
    • prior to selling a property or when buying a previously occupied property